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Welcome to BlueBerry Kennels website. WE POST DAILY ON OUR INSTAGRAM, be sure to follow. Blue Berry Kennels is a family owned and operated program. Located In New Jersey and a few other location around the states, as far as South Africa and Australia. We breed the best bloodlines and pedigrees possible to bring you nothing but the BEST.  Our huge Bullies are a big part of our family and are Very family Oriented. 

Blue Berry Kennels where Health and Structure is priority. Here at Blue Berry Kennels you can purchase a pup with confidence knowing you are backed up by our health contract and pride of our brand. Our goal if for every single customer to have a great experience and get exactly what they wanted. 



The only DNA proven dinosaur to exist Dyno




Family First 




We are not into breeding to make a quick buck, we have had this amazing, misunderstood breed in our life since children and learned Bullies are the BEST breed in the world. That being said we recommend you try looking into adopting a dog in need if pedigree bred is not important to you. If documented pedigree dogs and bloodlines are important to you then you've came to the right place! We have FANTASIC bloodlines running in our program.





BlueBerry's Heidi , 14 months. Xena's daughter. We are proud of this production and take great pride in producing exactly what you see, clean, active healthy dogs. Wow 


The champ 'Danny Swift Garcia' wanted champ blood so he got a pup with Blue Berry Blood. BlueBerry's Buddha Son. Stud Owner Jesse making the blood proud. 



MARKOFF, most popular dog in 2018


Markoff Son below, Bossy’s Willy Wonka

Structure over Size
Health over Color 
BlueBerry Over All
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TheRealTarzan agrees when he got a pup off Markoff x foxy a collaboration w/ my buddy Ash  

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Look at this FANTASIC female standing amazingly. We offer the best of the best. Follow our Instagram '@BlueBerryKennels' and Facebook 'Blue Berry Vision' page to see more puppies !



NFL Broncos Line Backer Von Miller got his Blue Berry Puppy!


Please contact us for more information about our dogs and puppies for sale







Pure Quality (2018 most popular picture on IG) 

The Best or Nothing 



We own models 



Dyno and Markoff showing off for the camera and showing the world why we THE BEST

An artist in Paris made this wall art ❤️

when you visit Paris, take a picture at the wall and share to be posted. 





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CAUTIONbaddest bitch alive

We pride ourselves in having dogs with great structure. We are aiming to produce EXACTLY what you see above. No sloppy coat, Bowed legs or Bulldog features. What we have are correct dogs with size. Click on the video below and see for yourself









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